About us

SWIMTRAINER South Africa is the proud and  sole South African distributor of the FREDS SWIM ACADEMY range of products. 


Swimming is not only a life skill, but also a gift of life. Our main aim is to enrich the lives of the babies and children of South Africa, by providing a safe and reliable swimming aid to the parents, which they can use to teach their babies and children the basic fundamentals of swimming.  By using the SWIMTRAINER "Classic", the user acquires the perfect style from early ages and can therefore build a lifelong positive relationship with water. 


The pool is a place free of day-to-day distractions such as phones, washing and meal preparation. In the pool you can focus exclusively on your baby and create wonderful family memories in the outdoors and enjoy those precious bonding moments in the water with lots of skin-on-skin contact, cuddling and splashing.  Our product, the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" makes this experience a stress free experience for the parent and user, enhancing the bonding time between parent and baby or child.


SWIMTRAINER South Africa is proud to be part of the FREDS SWIM ACADEMY family. The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is distributed in more than 50 countries across the globe, through various loyal and respected distributors. FREDS SWIM ACADEMY is situated in Augsburg, Germany and was established by Jurgen and Michaela Rud in 2002, the year in which the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" was first launched.  It has since grown tremendously year on year and reaches new highs every year.  In accordance with FREDS SWIM ACADEMY's company motto, “Lots of Fun, Safely!" the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" gives children a great deal of swimming fun in every phase of development, as well as the necessary sense of achievement combined with a high level of safety. Thus, the basis for a successful swim learning experience is established from an early age and a lifelong, positive relationship with water is created.


The specially designed swimming aid products in the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" series are used according to the age and learning progress of the child (red, orange and yellow). From as early as 3 months old,  babies can use the SWIMTRAINER "Classic"  which enables targeted early learning. The resultant technical training leads to the perfect swimming style.


SWIMTRAINER South Africa falls under the umbrella of M de Wet Promotions.  M de Wet Promotions is an importer of gift and gift related products, established in 1991. M de Wet stock and distribute products of several large international brands and is a well-established, trusted and reliable supplier of gifting and gifting related products for the South African market. Please feel free to visit their site, www.mdewet.co.za.




Enriching lives and creating special memories