We believe that learning to swim should be fun, safe and enjoyable for you and your child. Babies learn best through play and early introduction to the water in a joyful and unstructured way is the most important gift you can give your baby for learning to swim.

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” range will let your child have fun and develop confidence in the water, while placing baby in the correct position for learning to swim, right from the first swim.

Designed by a swim instructor and used in swim schools throughout Australia, Europe and Asia, the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is designed to put your baby in the same horizontal position as if you were holding her – just like you’ll do in swimming lessons.

Babies will love the freedom the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” gives them, but they will also be practicing their swimming strokes every time they are in the pool. The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is designed to encourage a “frog kick” reflex that comes naturally to babies – giving your little one a huge head start for swimming. 

Here at FREDS SWIM ACADEMY South Africa, safety is paramount. Beware of our competitors who ship items into South Africa from overseas to avoid South Africa’s stringent safety regulations! We are an South African family business and ship all SWIMTRAINERS from within South Africa. As such, we are legally bound to comply with South African safety standards and are NRCS approved.

Our SWIMTRAINERS are independently tested by a leading international certification service (TUV SUD) to ensure they comply with European safety standards. As we are sold in over 50 countries around the world, we also conform to US and European safety standards, giving you extra peace of mind.

Our SWIMTRAINERS are flotation aids that are designed specifically for swimming practice. They place baby low in the water (while keeping their face above water) to allow baby to practice their swimming strokes. They are designed for use within arms reach of a carer who is encouraging their baby on their mastery of swimming. This aid is not suitable for inattentive parents, instead, carers should be within arms reach at all times and enjoying seeing their baby develop a life long love of water.

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