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Repost from @mymommyteacherwifelife using @RepostRegramApp – SWIMTRAINER REVIEW
Does your kid love doing anything and everything themselves? Eating, drinking, putting on shoes…? If you answered yes (probably while rolling your eyes 😉), imagine how much he/she would love being able to swim alone!
@swimtrainersa were kind enough to send Katja a Swimtrainer Classic for her birthday and we finally got a chance to try it out properly two weekends ago! .
On first impression, the swimtrainer looks like great quality and I just got the feeling that a lot of time was invested into making sure it is safe and sturdy. Blowing it up was also a lot easier than I expected it to be.
We struggled to get Katja into the straps the first time we tried it; I think this is because of her huge personal bubble. When we put her i to the water, she was initially quite upset – the idea of being in the water with nothing to hold onto seemed to scare her. .
HOWEVER, after a couple of minutes she realized that she was in the water independently. Her love for doing anything by herself kicked in, along with her little legs: she realized that she could move herself forward by kicking, and she was a happy chappy! We spent a good twenty minutes in the pool before the weather turned, and she really enjoyed it!
Even though autumn has technically started, our days are still crazy hot, and we plan on using this product for at least another month before the water gets too cold. We plan on making the most of the sun! .
Our verdict: we love it, and we recommend it, especially if you have regular access to a pool! .
Does your baby also love water? 💦 .
Take note: the Swimtrainer should obviously only be used under constant adult supervision!

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